Traditional Jewelry with a Nordic Flair

About Erika



Hi there,

Thank you for visiting my website and for you interest in my jewelry. Here's a little information about me.

I grew up in Northern Sweden and learned the traditional hand craft of pewter thread embroidery while living there. One can say that I am mainly self taught with the exception of participating in a few classes learning the traditional art of pewter thread embroidery and leather work.

When I moved to California in 1995 I brought materials with me to continue with my new hobby of making Saami bracelets. I quickly noticed an interest in my work and the curiosity of this authentic handcraft. 

People are inherently drawn to the combination of nordic rustic and modern simplicity that my work represents and I have been fortunate to sell my pieces to stores and galleries nationwide. Constantly working on new designs that blends todays fashion with nordic authenticity I aim to make beautiful jewelry that supports functionality and comfort.

“Scandinavian arts, crafts and the beautiful nordic nature are true inspirations for my designs and creativity. Coupled with modern style and simplicity I strive to honor and share my passion for this traditional handcraft through my own creations”.


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