Traditional Jewelry with a Nordic Flair

Maintenance & Repairs

Erika carefully makes each piece of jewelry by hand and she wants you to be able to enjoy your Saami bracelet as long as possible.

In order to maintain the quality she recommends to not wear the jewelry in water. To wash hands or do dishes with the bracelet on is fine but to wear it in the shower or while swimming is not good for the durability of the bracelet.  Lotions and oil can be damaging to the leather so try to avoid those things. The color of the leather will darken with wear which is most notable with the lighter colors. 

The pewter coil has a 4% silver alloy over it to give it more strength and shine. With wear the coiled braids will flatten and become shiny at parts forming a wonderful patina. Many customers prefer the vintage look of the bracelets that occurs with time.

Yes the bracelets will stretch with wear, specially the loop around button attachment. It can be challenging to put the bracelet on in the beginning but it will stretch and get easier with time.

Other then that all her pieces can be worn on daily basis and does not require any specific handling.

If you notice that the bracelet needs any repair, if the loop or button came off or anything else please send the bracelet to Erika and she will repair it for free no matter how old it is. Customer is responsible for shipping cost.

On this picture you can see how a four year old bracelet that has been worn daily looks like versa the brand new bottom bracelets.