Care & maintance

I recommend to not wear my jewelry in water. To wash hands or do dishes with the bracelet on is fine but to wear it in the shower or while swimming is not so good for the durability of the bracelet. Also, lotions and oil can be damaging to the leather so try to avoid those things. The color of the leather will darken with wear which is most notable with the lighter colors.

The pewter coil has a 4% silver alloy over it to give it more strength and shine. With wear the coiled braids will flatten out a little and the pewter will appear grayer in color. This is normal and you can polish it some with a dry jewelry polishing cloth and the leather (specially the white) can be cleaned with mild detergent or soap on a damp cloth.

A lot of my customers prefer the patina, vintage look of the bracelets which occurs with time.

The bracelets will stretch with wear, specially the loop around button. It can be challenging to put the bracelet on in the beginning but it will stretch and get easier with time. If you notice that the loop or the button is getting close to breaking or falling apart you can send the bracelet to me and I will repair it.

Other than that my jewelry can be worn on daily basis and does not require any specific handling.