Traditional Jewelry with a Nordic Flair

Materials and Process


Pewter Coil 

The metal coil I use is an alloy made of tin and 4% silver. It is nickel and led free.
I buy the coil from small manufactures in northern Sweden.
An alloy is a metal that is made by combining two or more metals together. This is typically done to increase strength, lessen corrosion, or increase the beauty of the metal. Pewter is one of these alloys. 


Reindeer Hide

The leather I use for my jewelry is cruelty free and vegetable tanned reindeer hide.  It's chrome free and won't discolor your skin.
I buy the hides from a tannery in northern Sweden who in their turn buys the hides from Sámi communities in the Nordic countries. The reindeer hides are locally produced and bears a certificate of origin that it is a Nordic animal. Sweden is continually monitored for compliance of strict tanning requirements. To buy Swedish tanned leather gives the security of a guarantee that the hides have been processed in a safe way. Vegetable tanning means that the tanning agents are from trees with high tannin content. An environment-friendly method of treating leather since the materials used are from the plant kingdom and are therefore never a danger to those who work with the hides or to those who wear it.
Reindeer hide is a product of the livelihood of the Sámi, reindeer herding. This industry is of vital importance to Sámi society. Reindeer herding is not simply a question of cattle rearing, but is also the bearer of a long cultural tradition and the Sámi identity. The task of the reindeer herder is to protect and safeguard the reindeer in the best possible way to make a profit from the industry. Part of ensuring revenue from reindeer herding can be to sell the reindeer hides.

Antler Button

The buttons are hand made from naturally shed Reindeer antler.
Unique amongst deer species, both male and female reindeer grow antlers. The bulls drop their antlers in the autumn, the cows in the spring.



All my bracelets are made by me here in northern 
I braid the coil by hand, sometimes the braids have leather strips, leather cord or beads incorporated with the pewter coil. The traditional bracelets are made with only coil, mixing with beads and leather cords is a modern addition. All the braids are hand sewn on to the leather, small stitches with a nylon thread. This is the part of bracelet making that takes the most time and concentration. Buttons and leather loops are sewn and glued to the leather and the whole back side is carefully stitched together.